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Website Design & Web Development Consulting Services

Our website development consulting services equip your team with all the necessary resources to make informed decisions, whether you’re starting a new website or reviving a struggling web project.

  • A team of developers and designers located within the USA, working in-house.
  • Professionals skilled in PHP, .NET, and various other programming languages.
  • We offer end-to-end services, covering website planning and project launch.
Website Design

Allow our team of website development consulting experts to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

SilverHamster understands technology and web development so that your business can focus on its core strengths. Throughout the entire process, SilverHamster will provide valuable business advice tailored to your web properties, design strategies, technology decisions, and any other areas where our expertise is required. Whether it’s selecting the ideal platform or programming language for your new website or enhancing the functionality of an existing one, our team of professional website development and design consultants will guide you at every step. Unleash your online potential with SilverHamster’s website development consulting services and regain the freedom to excel in your business endeavors. 

Advantages of Web Development Consulting

For over 8 years, SilverHamster has established itself as a premier provider of web design and development services. Our comprehensive approach to web technology and unwavering commitment to comprehending your business differentiates us from other competitors.

Experts in content management systems (CMS).

Our team possesses expertise in various CMS and platforms, enabling us to facilitate website edits by anyone on your team. We are well-versed in major CMS options and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Consequently, we strive to identify the most suitable CMS solution that aligns with our clients' specific requirements.

Can you provide us with an estimate for our web development consulting services?

Each company possesses distinct characteristics and specific needs. Reach out to us to receive a complimentary, customized quotation.

Claim your complimentary website consulting estimate.

We are eager to engage in discussions about your project and offer our assistance by addressing inquiries, offering recommendations, and presenting a comprehensive website scope, pricing estimate, and project timeline. We anticipate the opportunity to discuss your project with you.

How SilverHmaster’s Web Development Consulting Services Operate

As a comprehensive web consulting firm, SilverHamster stands out for the unmatched value we provide to our clients. While numerous website design and web development consultants offer valuable business advice, they often struggle to put those plans into action. On the other hand, certain companies excel at implementing technical changes but lack the vision to develop their own strategies. At SilverHamster, we combine both expertise in executing plans and the foresight to create effective strategies.

The advantage of working with SilverHamster is that we not only have exceptional web consultants but also talented designers, digital marketers specializing in SEO and PPC, and skilled back-end and front-end programmers available at all times. We have earned recognition as the leading SEO agency and consulting firm in the country. If we suggest a recommendation for your business, we will also provide guidance on the most effective approach to achieve it and educate your team about associated costs, including labor and estimated timelines. When it comes to your business and its success, you won’t find a website design or development company more dedicated than SilverHamster.

Consulting services for the development of eCommerce websites

When it comes to eCommerce websites, they are significantly distinct, involving numerous database-driven category pages, product pages, and various complexities. Therefore, it is crucial to engage a web design consultant who possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in eCommerce. Every eCommerce website development project presents distinctive hurdles, such as data integrations, API connections, or the creation of custom functionality that sets your business apart from others.

Since 2015, SilverHamster has been dedicated to eCommerce. We were born as an eCommerce agency. Throughout the years, we have successfully launched over 50 eCommerce websites and devised solutions for thousands of distinct challenges. If you are in search of a consultant to steer your eCommerce project towards success, your search ends with our team at SilverHamster!

Consultants specializing in the development of WordPress websites.

SilverHamster is a leading CMS platform known for powering over 30% of all websites worldwide. With our dedicated team of WordPress consultants and our 8+ years of experience in providing WordPress website development services, we excel at assisting you with hosting configurations, optimizing your WordPress website for optimal speed scores, and selecting the right plugins to achieve your objectives. While WordPress may appear user-friendly, it requires careful planning and proper configuration for effective functionality. If you’re interested in creating a successful WordPress website, reach out to us at SilverHamster today to start discussing your project.

What services are encompassed in our website design and web development consulting?

Website development consulting services encompass a diverse range of tasks due to the multi-faceted nature of website design. These services include:

  • Thorough planning and assessment of the website, considering various aspects
  • Evaluation of website features and functionality
  • Breakdown of pricing and timeline
  • Consultation and planning for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Creation of sitemaps and wireframes
  • Reviewing technology options and providing recommendations
  • Optimizing website speed
  • Reviewing data imports and APIs
  • And many other related tasks.

Web Design Consulting FAQs

1What does a website design & development consultant do?

An individual specializing in website design, known as a website design consultant, possesses expertise in creating visually captivating, user-friendly, and practical websites. Their role involves assisting businesses in establishing a consistent and well-defined brand identity, ensuring an optimal user experience, and aligning the website's design with the company's objectives.

On the other hand, a website development consultant primarily focuses on the technical aspects of website design. They offer consultation regarding programming, server configuration, and other related matters.

2How can a website design consultant benefit my business?

A consultant specializing in website design can offer valuable perspectives on your industry, target audience, and competitors, aiding in the creation of a website that effectively presents your brand and boosts business expansion. Leveraging their knowledge in design, user experience, and digital marketing, they can assist you in constructing a website that is optimized for generating conversions, enhancing user engagement, and ensuring technical reliability, thereby helping you avoid significant obstacles in the future.

3Can you handle a website redesign project from start to finish?

Absolutely, apart from providing consultation on a project, we possess the capability to completely revamp a project, commencing from the initial research and planning stages, all the way through design, development, testing, and finally, launching. Our team of skilled professionals will collaborate closely with you to guarantee that your website aligns perfectly with your particular business requirements and objectives.

4How much does a website design project cost?

The pricing for a website design project is influenced by various elements such as the scale of your website, the intricacy of the design, and the specific features and functionality you desire. Based on your unique requirements and budget, our team will furnish you with a personalized quotation.