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Enhance your Amazon store’s product listings to amplify your presence on the platform and boost online sales.
  • Comprehensive Amazon marketing services encompassing SEO and PPC for Amazon.
  • Receive in-depth monthly reports and engage in weekly calls to stay updated.
  • We handle account and brand setup, competitor research, account audits, product optimizations, and review strategies.
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We are the premier Amazon SEO agency dedicated to skyrocketing your online sales.

In today’s market, having a strong presence on is practically essential if you want to reach your target audience effectively. This is particularly crucial when aiming for a large customer base. It’s widely acknowledged that Amazon holds a dominant position in the world of online eCommerce, with estimates suggesting that it controls over 50% or more of the market share.

When faced with what we refer to as the Amazon paradox, eCommerce retailers often react with a “fight or flight” response. Many either instinctively choose to ignore the significant impact Amazon has or believe that through sheer determination, they can overcome the challenges and prevent further customer loss.

However, both the “fight” and “flight” reactions are typically misguided in this situation. Instead of disregarding Amazon or trying to compete directly, why not find a way to leverage its power? Why not run your eCommerce website alongside selling your products on Amazon? In most cases, this is the most appropriate course of action for eCommerce companies, particularly if your products are already available on Amazon.

Since 2015, SilverHamster has established itself as a leading provider of eCommerce website design, web development, and digital marketing services. With almost two decades of experience, we have been at the forefront of eCommerce SEO and possess the expertise to effectively navigate Amazon’s proprietary search algorithms.

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Our initial objective is to determine the amount you currently spend on acquiring leads. Subsequently, we focus on enhancing our SEO strategies to decrease your lead acquisition expenses

Emphasis on eCommerce

After addressing your current inbound leads and ensuring their relevance and qualification, our upcoming objective is to expand and boost the quantity of leads.

Is it possible for me to achieve success on Amazon?

Achieving top rankings on Google's first page for your critical keywords will result in a significant surge in website traffic and, ultimately, generate more valuable leads.

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What specific Amazon SEO services do we provide as experts in Amazon marketing?

Amazon functions as a massive product search engine, akin to popular search engines like Google. It utilizes a proprietary algorithm to generate search results based on user queries. To enhance your product’s visibility and ranking on Amazon, it is crucial to optimize your offerings and configure your accounts appropriately. Below are some key Amazon SEO services you should acquaint yourself with:

  • Setting Up Seller Accounts and Brands
  • Conducting Audits for Amazon Accounts
  • Implementing Best Seller Ratings (BSR) Ranking Strategies
  • Engaging in Competitor Research
  • Optimizing Amazon Product Listings
  • Devising Strategies for Amazon Product Reviews
  • Managing Amazon PPC Campaigns and Sponsored Listings
  • Developing Comprehensive Amazon Advertising Strategies

Why should you rely on SilverHamster for your Amazon SEO needs?

Partnering with SilverHamster for SEO on provides a multitude of advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced product descriptions: Experience better rankings and improved conversion rates with our finely optimized product descriptions.
  • Increased product visibility: Drive more traffic to your Amazon listings by strategically incorporating high-volume and high-conversion keywords.
  • Comprehensive services: Access both Amazon SEO and PPC solutions under one roof, supported by a versatile digital team comprising designers, developers, and programmers.
  • Amplify brand presence: Make the most of Amazon’s branding capabilities through the utilization of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).
  • Effective review strategy: Develop a well-crafted review strategy to encourage positive product reviews.
  • And many more benefits: There’s a host of additional advantages waiting for you. Reach out to us today to discover them all!

Amazon SEO FAQ's

1 What does Amazon SEO refer to?

Amazon SEO involves optimizing your products to achieve better visibility in Amazon search results. SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, refers to the practice of improving your keyword rankings on various search engines, including Amazon and Google.

2 What are some effective strategies to enhance my Amazon keyword rankings?

Enhancing Your Amazon Listing:

  • Improving Your Product Title
  • Optimizing Bullet Points Enriching Visual Content
  • Crafting a Compelling
  • Product Description
  • Integrating Relevant
  • Keywords
  • And Numerous Additional Enhancements

We will assess your Amazon listing and formulate a tailored optimization plan that aligns with your current position and desired objectives.

3Can Amazon SEO be used in conjunction with Google SEO?

If you're curious about the distinction between Google SEO and Amazon SEO, you're not alone. The purpose of Amazon SEO services is to enhance the visibility of products on Amazon's search engine, as well as to achieve higher rankings for Amazon product pages on search engines like Google. Traditional SEO primarily concentrates on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, employing entirely distinct strategies for ranking. It's important to note that optimizing your Amazon products for SEO will not directly boost the ranking of your direct-to-consumer (D2C) website on Google.

4Which algorithm does Amazon utilize?

Amazon employs its exclusive search algorithm known as "A9." This algorithm plays a crucial role in determining the products that appear when a search is conducted. A notable contrast between Amazon's algorithm and other well-known search algorithms, like Google's, lies in Amazon's emphasis on sales conversions and reviews. This distinction arises from Amazon's capacity to collect and utilize relevant data in these areas.

5What advantages can my Amazon store gain from utilizing SEO services?

To increase the visibility of your products on Amazon's search engine and boost your revenue, it's essential to prioritize their ranking. By employing Amazon SEO services, you can effectively attract more traffic not only from within Amazon but also from Google, redirecting potential customers directly to your product pages. It's worth noting that a significant number of Amazon sellers are leveraging eCommerce SEO tactics to surpass their competitors' rankings on the platform.

6 What is the process to determine the ranking position of my keyword on Amazon?

There are several options available for discovering your search rankings on Amazon. One tool that comes highly recommended is the Amazon Keyword Ranking & Index Checker. This particular tool enables you to effortlessly input your search terms and click "analyze" in order to obtain your positions within search results.

7What steps can I take to locate a trustworthy provider of Amazon SEO services?

If you're looking to enhance your eCommerce presence, it's advisable to collaborate with a skilled SEO services provider specializing in the field. During the selection process, consider requesting prospective Amazon SEO service providers to provide you with client testimonials and case studies that are relevant to your specific needs. This will help you thoroughly evaluate their capabilities.

8What makes SilverHamster the optimal option for Amazon SEO services?

SilverHamster has been providing top-notch eCommerce SEO services since 2015. To give you an idea of our experience, Amazon Prime was launched in 2005. We are deeply committed to the world of eCommerce, dedicating ourselves to it day and night. As a comprehensive eCommerce agency, we seamlessly combine our Amazon SEO services with effective Google Ads Management and other digital marketing solutions. By entrusting all your marketing requirements to a single agency, you can enjoy the advantages of cohesive strategies across multiple channels.